We Partner with You on Public Works Projects & Services

CW Solutions works with public agencies to assist in the planning, implementation, and management of a wide range of public works projects and services. Projects involving highways, roadways, bikeways, airports, public utilities, waste management, and reservoirs will benefit from their right-of-way and land acquisition expertise.

Streamlining Public Works Projects

The CW Solutions team offers specialized services to coordinate even the most complex infrastructure improvement projects. Providing services such as land acquisition, right-of-way, easement procurement, and title services can streamline the process for government agencies undertaking any public works project, regardless of size.

Leveraging Local Resources to Ensure Success

CW Solutions is recognized for its ability to leverage local resources to get a job done on time and within budget. The firm uses local acquisition and title agents who understand how local public agencies operate. By utilizing those resources in the jurisdictions where projects are located, CW Solutions can anticipate obstacles and assist in rerouting a project to prevent delays and ensure a successful outcome.

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