CW Solutions services the industries that are the infrastructure of the nation. From energy to communication to transportation, CW Solutions provides professionals with the experience to acquire property that is unique to these industries

Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy

As we move into the future, many public and private utility companies have focused on renewable and alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, tidal, waves, hydro and geothermal to assist with electric generation. Modern technology has enriched the pathway to increasing the way our world utilizes our natural resources. Alternative and renewable energy projects have increased greatly to combat global warming and climate change crisis our world faces and will continue to grow in the future.

CW has worked with various industry leaders to be part of their groundbreaking renewable energy projects by working with offshore wind and solar generation.

Electric Transmission

Due to aging, current electric transmission and distribution systems are becoming outdated and require significant upgrades to existing transmission lines and incorporating new technology advances to minimize ecological impact and maximize efficiency. CW Solutions’ team provides clients with various services, including but not limited to project management and staffing, permitting, title, right of way, and site acquisition for various electric transmission and distribution projects.


Wireless Telecommunications

As a leading land solutions firm, CW Solutions understands the special needs of telecommunications clients. The firm maintains an outstanding reputation in providing assistance in wireless telecommunication services with the deployment of new sites, small cells, in-building, backhaul, DAS, ODAS, and overhaul projects. The wireless telecommunications industry is evolving faster than ever with bigger and better wireless innovations. The United States’ infrastructure challenges cannot be answered with yesterday’s solutions in today’s fast-growing digital industry. CW Solutions is taking part in modernizing wireless telecommunications infrastructure by meeting client’s expectations and requirements.

Public Works & Infrastructure

CW Solutions works with public agencies to assist in the planning, implementation, and management of a wide range of public works projects and services. Projects involving highways, roadways, bikeways, airports, public utilities, waste management, and reservoirs will benefit from their right-of-way and land acquisition expertise.

Public WorksStreamlining Public Works Projects

The CW Solutions team offers specialized services to coordinate even the most complex infrastructure improvement projects. Providing services such as land acquisition, right-of-way, easement procurement, and title services can streamline the process for government agencies undertaking any public works project, regardless of size.

Leveraging Local Resources to Ensure Success

CW Solutions is recognized for its ability to leverage local resources to get a job done on time and within budget. The firm uses local acquisition and title agents who understand how local public agencies operate. By utilizing those resources in the jurisdictions where projects are located, CW Solutions can anticipate obstacles and assist in rerouting a project to prevent delays and ensure a successful outcome.

Oil PipelineOil, Gas & Pipeline

Maintaining and upgrading our oil and natural gas pipeline infrastructure is vital to our community’s safety and growth with a focus on modernization and environmentally conscience. The United States has approximately 76,000 miles of oil pipelines and approximately 305,000 miles of natural gas pipelines that need improvement and modernization to ensure sustainability. The highly qualified team at CW Solutions understands the needs of clients who need oil and gas services. Landman services offered for the oil and gas industry include title research, lease negotiations and site acquisitions, and right of way. The CW Solutions team handles a variety of pipeline construction projects, offering services such as management, ownership search, permitting, right-of-way, and acquisition services.